Personal Finance Articles That Don’t Suck: 12/13/13

Personal finance articles

Tools of the trade.

Every two weeks I try to update you all on me personally and cull together my favorite personal finance articles from blogs and sites who’s popularity as compared to mine make me feel like I am in high school with an incontinence issue.  Personal finance articles, when written properly, can lay bare the idiocy behind most popular financial thinking–like pointing out the guy who looks super successful in a custom suit is actually not wearing any pants.  So while that guy Donald Ducks it all the way to the poor house, these personal finance articles drive reality onto the screens of those who need it most: people wasting time at work.

Snarkfinance 2.0

Snarkfinance 2.0 has come at a rather tough time for me.  I was recently given a new and insane roll at my day job that will either benefit me for the rest of my career or render me as crazy as Jack Nicholson a-la The Shining.  We shall see.  For now, the 60+ hour weeks and incredible stress is preventing me from performing as much blog related work as I would prefer.  Hopefully I knock this baby down to a manageable gig mid-winter.  I should also mention I was not given a choice in taking this new roll.  It was forced upon me; I feel like Desiree Washington.

Still, stats are up.

Life Model

I have created a life model that extends out 15 years.  Sounds nuts, but I have finally hit the point where I actually want to know where things are headed in my substandard existence.  So I did what most personal finance geeks / financial professionals would do and modeled it out like its Fashion Week.  I will share in a personal finance article soon; I try to play some things close to the chest for a while before exposing myself to ridicule by screen names.  I am excited, however.  It is looking like I may be able to pull a Guillermo Diaz around the not-so-ripe age of 38 (Google the reference name and Half Baked if your scratching you head).

Alright, I’m boring and we all know it.  On to the good stuff:

Personal Finance Articles That Didn’t Suck

Budgetsaresexy, the purveyor of subjective-sexiness (by contrast to budgets being sexy, I am partial to boobies) published a guest post by Jeff Ross, author of Soldier of Finance: Take Charge of Your Money and Invest in Your Future (the link it to Budgetsaresexy, read the article and buy it through his affiliate link) about how he failed in buying a rental property.  Its a great overview of what happens when you attempt to crack real estate by leveraging DVD-instructional courses and rule-of-thumbs so high level they will give you a nose bleed.

GetRichSlowly, that blog we all wish we had started, published a post by staff writer Honey Smith–who I assume knows Honey Boo Boo–When The Right Choice Isn’t Obvious.  It most times isn’t, unless the choice is between Susan Boyle and Katie Perry in a micro-bikini.

iHeartBudgets who I assume has arrhythmia this week railed against the hybrid car.  I think he hates mother earth, or something… man.

At CashCowCouple, Jacob decided to bring up the often debated Rich Habits that author Tom Corley has been slinging around like ethnic stereotypes at a Cheney family reunion.  Poor by choice, or circumstance?  My personal opinion: blame the Bilderberg Group, Jews, and my parents… I do for everything else and it has worked out great says my therapist.

The Great Jollyhoombah, which I am pretty sure isn’t a real word, is giving away their book for FREE.  Check it out: The End of Wishing Our Days Away.  This is a fun, care-free type of blog written by two ladies so quirky they would make Zooey Deschanel throw in the towel and stop putting out music so terrible they use it as a warning siren in Darfur.

So that is it for now.  Tune in next week for snarky personal finance articles, including: a review of, how to measure the worth of a CPA, a look at the issue of being house poor, and perhaps some other shenanigans.

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  1. I read the article about hybrid cars and debunking the idea that they are cheaper. I loved it! Going to have to go check out the rest. Thanks for the list!
    Josh from recently posted…What Are Secured Credit CardsMy Profile

  2. I know how you feel with a day job that doesn’t mesh well with blogging. I’m in the same boat working 60 hours a week and being dead tired by the time I get home. Keep the dream alive!!!!
    Levi @ Wealthnote recently posted…My Personal Plan to Achieve Financial FreedomMy Profile