Where Have I Been?

Where have I been?  Around the world, thinking about things, getting Sh$t done.  Every once and a while we are faced with a decision to keep working on a project that isn’t paying out but is a labor of love, or making real money.  I chose real money in the hope that it would allow […]

The Cold, Hard Truth About Gold Investing


Guest post guys.  I will start out by saying I had a science teacher in high school who owned gold in its physical form.  This was at the height of the gold boom around 2010 or so.  Hey kept it in a bank lock-box.  No word regarding how much time he spend alone coveting it, but the […]

Forecasts for World and Domestic Economy

I now know where Scandinavia is... this will make sense in a moment.

Alright everyone, I have a “guest” article for you below… enjoy. The major factors for evaluating economy are most often the size and dynamics of the market value of final goods and services domestically or worldwide, world trade data, standards of living, and other sociological indicators and factors related to the economy. Economy based world […]

FOMO Syndrome—Falling to Non-Frugal Temptations?

college drinking, fomo

I read an interesting article in GQ at the gym yesterday, Do You Suffer from #FOMO?  FOMO of course being, “Fear Of Missing Out”, a modern disorder of sorts brought upon us by social media[1].  Similar to other social media induced maladies such as CCF (Compulsively Checking Farmville), DBD (Documenting Bad Decisions) and EUOYP (Ending […]

A White Male Who Cares

White privilege, racism, white guilt

I have certainly not stalked everyone yet, but from what work I have done I have found the following to be true about the personal finance sphere: 1) Dave Ramsey is a sort of golden calf, with acolytes who were obviously the kids who walked around with pre-ripped elastic in their undies, 2) personal finance […]

Drug Testing in the Workplace

This is where Mountain Dew comes from...

When I was offered my most recent job it came with the contingency that I pass a drug screen successfully.  This wasn’t to be my first rodeo with drug tests, since on a daily basis I have more substances in me than Lil’ Kim at a Chippendales:  coffee, aspirin, ibuprofen… the hard stuff.  Also, I […]

Porn Hate Rubs Me the Wrong Way

Porn hate, topless women

Back after some time off… but from here on out its going to be a little more sporadic here at Snarkfinance.  This doesn’t make me any money really, so this is hence forth being relegated to hobby status… meaning you will get a new article when I have the time to post one.  I work […]

Extreme Cheapskates:Bathroom Edition

extreme cheapskates, frugal, TLC

I am a cheapskate of a guy when compared to your average American sheeple.  I save money by eating out sparingly, cutting down on driving, ensuring that my spending is in line with my needs and not necessarily my wants, and by not having any affairs on my wife.  Since I have managed to save […]

A Great Investment: Your Body

Ronny Coleman, before

Investing in you body is a great investment.  Face it, pop-culturally speaking, the fat guy rarely gets the girl.  Seth Rogen aside, we’re all able to admit that this is true.  What we are all not willing to admit is that this is often true in real life as well.  While I’m sure we have […]

Dealing with Bad Bosses: Where is the Line?

bad bosses

  Bad bosses are pandemic in America, like binge drinking and twerking.  The U.S has roughly 100 million full-time working professionals and 70% of them report being unengaged at work or actively disengaged.  Since 2000 that figure has remained relatively flat[1].  No wonder Facebook has grown immensely in popularity. Bad bosses may be to blame: […]