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The rape dungeon is in the basement…

The following is a guest post about celebrities with cash to burn.  I left all the delightful English phrases and words in because they made me feel like I was fancy…

When you’ve got money, fame and access to all kinds posh supermarkets (that’s what they call them in Milan) it’s no surprise that spending can get a little out of hand. Just think about it, you’ve a giant home, so storage isn’t an option and a current account that is effectively a bottomless pit of money. You would probably end up buying some fairly outrageous and/or silly superfluous things yourself.

If you had cash to burb, you might buy things like…

Cash to Burn: Lady Gaga’s carp

Known for her kooky outfits and bizarre videos, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, more conveniently known as Lady Gaga, is someone made for the impulse buy. If any contemporary popstar is going to buy make some ridiculous purchases then it’s going to Gaga. Duly living up to her image as the most eccentric lady in contemporary mainstream music she apparently dropped (as all the cool kids say) £40,000 on 27 koi carp to fill up her fish tank. Appropriately enough the splurge was inspired by a dream she had that featured the fish. This either confirms Gaga as a genuine heir to Michael Jackson in the crazy pop star stakes or, as the heir to Michael Jackson in the arch press manipulation stakes.

Cash to Burn: Russell Brand’s trip to space

Russell Brand has never seemed like a man who wants for much. He’s probably stuffed a number of regular folks’ lifetimes into his short time on Earth. Between his well-publicised drug taking and partying to his more recent Hollywood stardom and string of glamorous girlfriends, come Christmas time he’s probably not the easiest man to buy for. So we should pity his poor (former) wife Katy Perry, who had to get the hirsute celebrity something for his birthday. Aftershave probably wouldn’t cut it, nor would some socks or a bottle of whiskey (Brand has been teetotal since 2002). There’s not a lot on Earth he really needs. So the simplest solution it seemed was to send him into space. And thus Perry spent $200,000 on a ticket to space that would see Brand travel 365,000ft into the atmosphere, after an intense three day training session.

Cash to Burn: Katie Holme’s jet

The line between the famous and non-famous has been blurred quite a bit in recent years, what with reality TV, TV talent shows and TV. So while you might think that appearing in tabloid gossip columns everyday will mean you have a small fortune saved up, in actual fact an awful lot of modern “celebrities” are as broke as the rest of us. If you want to know what a real modern superstar looks like, you’ll have to look at how they travel. A taxi is a given (no public transport for a famous person), first-class flights, at the very least, but if you’re a true modern superstar then you’ve really got to have your own private jet. Or, for the ludicrously famous, buy a jet and give it away as a present. This is precisely what Tom Cruise bequeathed to his bride Katie Holmes back in their happier days. The customized Gulf Stream jet cost a thrifty $20m.

Cash to Burn: Ivanka Trump’s Silver Bowl

If you are the daughter of one of the richest most ridiculously coiffured men in the world, Donald Trump, when it comes to your wedding you’re going to be expecting something pretty extravagant as a gift. You might be a little disappointed if all you get is a bowl, a nice bowl, sure, but a bowl nonetheless. That was the predicament Ivanka Trump found herself in when she got married to Jared Kushner in 2011. Of course, the bowl was a sterling silver scalloped footed bowl from Tiffany’s costing $1,350, so a very expensive bowl then.

Cash to Burn: Nicolas Cage’s 150,000 comic book

Nicolas Cage is known for being a bit of an oddball. Ever since he took his Elvis obsession to the weirdest possible degree (by marrying the hip shaker’s daughter) he’s been known as a bit of a nut. Buying ancient Bavarian mansions, supposedly haunted homes in New Orleans, which he has then had to sell, there is nothing apparently off limits for this oddest of actors. Not even paying $150,000 for a comic book. The comic in question being Action Comics no 1. Of course, this is a particularly special comic book, as it features the first ever appearance of Superman. Still $150,000 seems an awful lot to pay for a comic. Well that is until you take into account the resale value. In November 2011 the comic was sold at auction for 2.1m. Perhaps Cage isn’t so crazy after all.

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  1. I think Mr. Nicolas Cage is the craziest spender of all time. Buying castles before, and now comic books. What’s up with that guy? He’s just wasting money.
    Mark Ross recently posted…20 Easy Ways To Save Money And Energy At HomeMy Profile

  2. This kind of spending in excess is so wasteful it makes me a little sick.
    Stefanie @ The Broke and Beautiful Life recently posted…Love and Money: Long Distance ExpensesMy Profile

  3. Generally, these ridiculous purchases catch up with the celebrities, especially after their money-makin’ days wane. How much financial trouble is Nicholas Cage in now?

    It’s like the grasshopper who sang all summer… so many of these crazy expenses. There are plenty of celebrity downfall stories to prove this spending is unsustainable… MC Hammer anyone?
    Tara @ Streets Ahead Living recently posted…Owing taxes is no partyMy Profile

  4. What’s wrong with $150k on a comic book??? I bet Nicholas Cage wishes he didn’t now, given how much trouble he’s in with the IRS. Wesley Snipes is in the same boat.

    It’s funny to see how many celebrities spend big and end up losing their fortune.
    Mr Ikonz @ Project Ikonz recently posted…Retirement financial advice – don’t ask your mateMy Profile